About Ibit

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Ibit is an unique and entirely free service, relying on a very thorough and collective torrent search engine, which indexes countless amount of verified torrents available to download on the internet.

It contains variety of torrents classified according to their categories and is filled with as much details about those torrents as you can possibly find. This information is collected from several sources and provided to you on one single page. All torrent pages include peers, ratings, downloads, comments, descriptions and posters! Moreover, all movies and TV series appear with an additional detailed information such as cast, directors and IMDB links.

Ibit searches, finds and connects you with everything from movies, through TV shows, software, anime and games, generating and collecting torrents from all over the internet with guided information to help you choose the best quality torrents for your download.

Ibit torrent search engine is aiming for perfection in every aspect, and we appreciate your feedback regarding the quality of your user experience. Feel free to share your ideas and let us know what could we improve to make you happy with our service.

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